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I help crypto companies with communications. Specifically, I help them understand the narratives that are driving the market around them and communicate their vision in that context. As part of that, I spend a huge amount of time trying to understand the technological, cultural and financial dimensions of public blockchain projects, decentralization, and the crypto industry – however much you can call this thoughtful, argumentative band of brigands, dissidents, outcasts, and opportunists an industry. This comes together every week as a direct-to-Twitter weekly curation I call Long Reads Sunday.

Find me on Twitter: @nlw or email me at nlw at this site’s url


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WBD052 - Interview with Nathaniel Whittemore (Banner).png

The Bitcoin Podcast #221: Nathaniel Whittemore

 On Bullish Podcast 9.26.18


On The Bitcoin News Show #89 – 9.16.2018

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